I broke my finger😭

I broke my finger today, just like last July, I broke my ankle ligament.
Last year, I cannot ride for over half a year, the day after tomorrow, I will have the surgery, and I will not be able to ride for 3 months, what a tragedy.
Never feel so sad, I really want to ride bikes.
Going to the hospital with no one taken care of, feeling so lonely.

Can’t you still ride with a broken finger?


Sandbagging for his next race…


I have a broken arm which is why I started using Zwift just over a week ago. A broken finger really shouldn’t stop you indoors at all if I’m managing to do virtual TdF stages, albeit slowly.


I started Zwifting ten days after breaking my right pelvis in 3 places.Started with just 5 mins,adding a minute a day.Your finger shouldn’t stop you even if you ride one-handed.


Dude, I will try to ride at home.

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I will try to, but wait for me to finish my surgery :persevere:

That’s a good idea, the only problem for me is that I can’t take the shower after riding bikes.

Why not, just put you hand in a bag so it doesn’t get wet.

I feel your pain, last year I had to have elective surgery to correct trigger finger on both hands at the same time!
Left hospital with both hands trussed up like a boxer under strict instructions not to drive or ride (in fact the told me not to use them at all, right?).
Guess who drove home? Lol!

I mean, sweat…

Hi Nick,

that reminds me of the time I went to the eye hospital to have a very small shard of metal removed from my eye. (Just painful not life threatening or anything)

Op went well and they bandaged up my eye and sent me home with strict instructions not to remove the eye patch.
I didn’t get out of the carpark before I had to take off the eye patch off. I’d never have made it home with the use of only one eye.

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