I am alone in my session ZWIFT

Since I change my laptop I am always alone in my Zwift session, and so the ompanion App doesn’t connect to the session…
What can I do

FYI I have already uninstalled and installed Zwift

Seeing no other riders indicates a communication problem between your device and Zwift’s servers. If this is a new laptop then it’s probably something to do with the laptop.

Is it a work laptop? Check you’re not running a VPN or have a firewall that might be locking down ports that Zwift needs.

Does it work ok if you run Zwift on your phone on the same wifi (the Zwift game - don’t pair devices and do Just Watch).

Are you logged into Zwift on 2 devices?

check firewall allows UDP traffic in and out on ports 3022, 3023, 3024, 3025
and TCP in and out for ports 80, 443, and 21588 for companion app

Where are you located? Which ISP are you using?