Hughes generation 5 satellite internet service for zwift

Are there any zwifters using Hughes generation 5 satellite for internet provider and does it work adequately as I’m concerned about the high pings with this service making connections difficult.

If you are worried about ping, you can always do a speed test, with a server chosen from LA. Since the Zwift servers are located on the west coast this allows for a good estimation of what your ping would be like connecting to Zwift. Also if you would like to find out more about Zwift internet requirements this article can help.

The problem is I would have to sign a two year subscription with Hughes to have system set up to perform speed test
Heavy early termination fees if I get it set up and it doesn’t work well with my zwift. My current wireless internet provider has the speed and works fine when it works but that’s the issue it has problems frequently and no customer service for repair. I’m rural and they are the only show in town except Hughes or even worse dial up

I don’t want to give up my zwift access so have to choose the worse of two evils!

James, did you manage to get any other information? I have the same problem.

Yes I was able to find out from Hughes that pings would range from 700-1200 for generation 5 satellite way above zwift recommendations for latency leaving me with likely connection problems. I’m guessing that’s why I haven’t heard any responses of users as it isn’t useable.

Thanks, Jim

Thanks Jim!