Huge difference in power/resistance after update yesterday - anyone else experiencing this?

quick update, I rode last night with no changes in set up or environment with no issues whatsoever i even tried adding interference from all the other sensors and garmin head units etc and still perfect operation. After reaching out to Eric via strava he got one of their support guys to contact me and looks like i am on the road to repair. thanks all.


I have the same issue, but with iPad so don’t know what files I can delete.

After the latest update I find for example riding at a constant 110Watts and 80 rpm cadence equates to 24 kph on tarmac…19/20 kph on cobbles and unrealistically 14kph on gravel tracks on Watopia…

What the ■■■■ is the gravel on Watopia made of ??? quicksand.

I’ve just encountered the same problem after the update from Feb 2021, using Apple TV and blue tooth on a Wahoo Kickr in contact with Wahoo and just now performed a factory spin down and with a race later I’ll know if it sorted it, but I doubt it as it looks like a Zwift issue. Been using Zwift for four months and no issues and since the latest update I’ve had connection trouble along side the drop in my ftp, hope a fix is on the way as I’ve had to drop out of a race team because of it,

During my workout the last two weeks. One ride my cadence seems right but my watts are not close to steady. I can be 70 watts and go to 190 watts according to the work out and the watts will jump all over, 240; 129; 147; 200;250; 125. my companion jumps the same. I know cadence for some watts with my gears so I go to that cadence. The next workout everything was normal, the next erratic and tomorrow, we’ll see!

That should be the Jan 2021 update.

Hi Will, I noticed same issue suddenly it became hard to pedal and keep up with my training sessions. I use BKOOL 2 trainer and a MacBook also I use the ant+ no Bluetooth. What can be done to have a nice smooth ride.
Thank you


Hi Omar,
Thanks for report. We haven’t intentionally changed anything w/ ANT+ for this latest update.
If you haven’t already, you could try deleting prefs.xml and knowndevices.xml to rule those out.
Details are further up the thread from Mark Hadley.