Huge difference in ergmode/non erg

Okay So my FTP on tempus Fugit - flat is around 290watts (exausted!)
when not using Ergmode.

Tested with Ergmode not failure not fresh legs
318 watts. Be hitting 330 “easy” some time after holidays/unhealthy etc.

So whats right?
Im REALLY happy if my FTP is around 4watts/kg instead of 3.6 watts/kg a significant change.
Dont have a watt measurement on my bike and not gonna by it.

Note: 36 years 193 82kg really healthy Living resting heartbeat 41. And Im ■■■ at “killing” myself…
Not really understanding for a long time my FTP has been “only” 290, and now “probably” isnt.
Bkool trainer…

I know many other probably experience the same, but now it was my turn to “complain” :sweat_smile:

FTP is power which you (theoretically) can hold for one hour. It is common to use 95% of 20 mins effort. So it depends on how you are testing - did you 318 W on Tempus Fugit, too? Or (for example) ramp test?

If you are on Strava, you can find your estimated FTP there. Seems to be OK for me (Strava estimated 261 W, 95% of my best 20 mins effort on Zwift 260 W).