HUD in iOS - different than standard?

In this article ( the Zwift HUD is described.

Items 11 and 12 are said to show the  Grade and Close-up Course Profile and  Course Profile

But on my iOS device, I see something slightly different;

And I never quite know what’s what, or which way I’m travelling as sometimes the whole profile (the grey transparent bit at the bottom above) is replaced by what looks like a zoomed in profile.

Can anyone help explain what I’m seeing, how I should be reading it, and whether the Zwift Support Article could be updated please!

BTW I get what the -2% is showing in the upper right :slight_smile:





Same question from me too;)

A Guide to the Zwift HUD” was posted today, but the HUD it shows was replaced months ago in all versions with the HUD you saw on your iOS screen today. (11) and (12) below are different now. (11) was replaced with the map you see (click on it for different views) and (12) was replaced with a translucent version of the profile.

Hey thanks Steve. I never thought of touching the map to see what happens; I’ll give that a go today.

And in terms of the whole-course profile, am I right in thinking that ‘zooms’ in and out, ie it’s not shown constantly?