HUD Customisation

As are the calorie totals on ride summaries which are already provided. So the cumulative dashboard metric requested would not be any less precise than the ride total currently provided.

Given the wide variety of equipment being used, whether it’s watts, calories, HR metrics or whatever, the most useful aspect is tracking them over time relative to your own personal history. The absolute number and comparison with others is likely far less valid.

Completely agree about the imprecision.

I don’t have an opinion about whether they would be good or bad to include on the HUD in the end. Some people might find them useful (good) while others might find them counterproductive because of the common belief in their precision (bad). I just thought the precision issue was an important one for this discussion :slight_smile:

If we view calories as what they are (a unit of energy) then it would make sense to include them in something like this as it is a good way to gauge how much work you are doing. But, there is so much baggage. Honestly, we just need more hud customization so folks can choose what is there. I would love to have ride averages for watts and HR as well as cumulative TSS. That is useful for my training and ultimately why I am using Zwift.

I’ve had the same request for a while.
For me it would be great to be able to ride without HUD while still seeing power-up’s. I consider those the most crucial information on a ride where I otherwise prefer the more immersive experience without HUD. Power-up info is available in the companion app, I know, but it very much defeats the objective of an immersive experience to monitor the phone.

same power ups and the little rider positions behind me would be the two things i’m missing from a hudless setup would be great to see.

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besides apple watch connectivity, this is my biggest complaint about Zwift. They have great visuals of the worlds to bike through, but the road and views are constantly blocked by the main display, it seems this request was made back in 2018 and i still don’t see a way to customize my display. Personally, I would put the main display in the upper right (instead of center), completely turn off the comments that pop up and fill the entire screen during a workout (or make this a small pop up in a lower corner), remove the list of riders nearby, and move the map to the bottom right. I know people would all have their own preferences, so it would make sense to allow for personal customization of the display.

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I asked for a way to turn the HUD off in October 2015:

We got that option in April 2021, so around 5 and a half years later.

By my reckoning, this November 2018 request should be due this month. :wink: :joy:

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you said you got the option you requested (to toggle HUD display on and off) in April 2021 - how do you do that, i don’t even see that option

Press H on the keyboard, or it is one of the buttons on the blue action bar that you can bring up during the ride.

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