HUD Customisation

I too am new and this is the single largest improvement I feel Zwift can and should make. Many people suggesting making it an option in place of the power graph. Seems a simple solution. It would be good if the profile showed the whole route you are riding, not just the small seqment one is on. Yes, people can alter their route with a turn, at that point the route is shot and Zwift can now go to just the segment. As long as the rider is on the route selected when the session was started, the profile of the route and distance remaining should be options to show. This is basic functionality.

Yes please!!! Need average speed showing up on the HUD

@Bob_Croslin: WKG is already included in the rider list on the right side of the screen. Can you help me understand the benefit of adding it to the HUD? Also, if you are using the Zwift Companion app while riding, you can tap on the ‘Watts’ number on the screen and it will change to WKG. Will this suffice?

The benefit is that I don’t need to look in two polar opposite directions at the same time in order to see how I’m performing. You couldn’t space them further apart on the screen currently!

This is also why the companion app solution isn’t appropriate; a) some people don’t ride using the companion app and b) you’re now saying that not only should I look in two different locations for 2 very related metrics, but one place should be on a totally different device.

My ‘output’ metrics should all be in the same spot; my relative positioning metrics should be in the right-hand panel.

w/kg doesn’t even make much sense to have in the right-hand panel anyway; who cares about what w/kg other riders are doing? It would make more sense to show their speed, surely, as the right hand panel is a relative measure on whether you’re being caught, or catching others around you, for which w/kg isn’t perfectly relevant.

But Power and w/kg is linear if one goes up then the other also goes up. In-fact looking at power is more accurate.

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