HUD Customisation

It was quite enjoyable doing the long Innsbruck climb yesterday with the non-translucent HUD taking over the entire view of the road ahead and I could pretty much just see my avatar only for a very long period of time. #Brilliant

+1 for route distance being added the HUD customization request.
Also, start the rider at the beginning of the route and remove the lead in (or make the lead in part of the total distance for the route).

To be honest, I haven’t read the entire thread… it is quite long.
But I would just like to add my tuppence to the calls for more control on data and how it is displayed.
I had thought that the companion app could be more like a Garmin (other cycle computers are available) where we could really customise the data screen. For example I would like to have an average Watts metric, Average Heart Rate.
I think it would be useful for targeting PBs.
I would also like to be able to ditch all the HUD data and just have it on the app if the app were re-designed to take on a more robust role.


Option to view DISTANCE REMAINING instead or as well as distance cycled.
A non-brainer!




So there you have it … to get a feature done takes 5 years and everyone has to have completely forgotten about it and the request archived . :rofl:


Looks like were getting this in the next update!

It’s been around for atleast 2/3 years and there are weekly rides with no HUD… having the choice each ride is a good step but it’s not a new feature and let’s not pretend it is.

It’s a low hanging fruit they could have picked off years ago…

The link doesn’t work any more, but I asked for it in 2015. :smiley:

Maybe they will only be rolling it out to the same select users who get all the other extra features we dont.

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I had no idea the bar at the bottom of the ZC window was called the “Action Bar”. In most cases this is a complete misnomer. It should be “Inaction Bar” with the limited functionality of most of the buttons…


Now, there there. No need to dig into history for sour memories. After all, what’s 4 years between subscriber and supplier? :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

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Perhaps thats their sprint length… someone spilled something on their Scrum guide and they mistook 4 weeks for 4 years…


HUD Overlay Available for PC Zwifters


File and information here:

Shane Miller video here:


Another example of a 3rd party having to step in where Zwift falls short of providing pretty basic stuff… ZAM looks cool, I’ll probably give it a try!


When would that ever not be the case . All the most successful products support user created content . The best people to improve a product are the consumers of it . I think the message to Zwift should not be "why didnt you do it " it should be Why are you not making your product more open to much more third party developers to build capabilty …


I just want to make certain components bigger because I can’t see the metrics properly on mobile. This is a very simple feature that any app has…

Customizable HUD would be nice. For example I’d like to see the gears on the HUD.

I would love to see HUD customisation, especially so you could turn on and off the values you like to see. Like I ride with a heart rate monitor to get the results officially in races or to analyse them after a race or workout, but I don’t like to see my heart rate during the ride. Now I’ve made a paper template to hang in front of my screen, but that is not the nicest option (and besides: in a workout you can’t turn off the graph at the bottom). :slight_smile:

Too bad it’s still not possible. The window is full of cr*p that riders doesn’t need. When I’m cycling I’m only interested in the watts and maybe the heart rate, the rest is irrelevant.

When I train, I want to see watts/pulse in the center of the window, but not everything else.

Etc. why is this still not possible today? What use are new maps if those who use the software as a training tool are dependent on third-party software?

I mean with a decent HUD, more players will automatically come back to zwift. that’s potential money somewhere. every GPS device nowadays can change the data field. PEOPLE make the hud optional…

hopefully there will be a hud overhaul in the near future… it’s been YEARS again.