HUD - cadence icon

2022-09-26 07_24_18-Window

I have no idea if the bug has existed for a long time and I just hadn’t noticed it before, but the cadence symbol has a small graphic error. There are two small markers at the top left and bottom right that shouldn’t be visible.

ATV tvOS16, ZWIFT 1.29.0

Your eyes must be better than mine :rofl:

I´m riding 1,2m in front of a 55" TV. :nerd_face:

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that might explain it!

The non drive side crank looks shorter too. :wink:

You see the bike moving left to right whereas I see it moving right to left.

Still not resolved.
First world problem, I know, but it is so annoying to see this. Once discovered, I just can’t ignore it.

Still there with v1.50.2.