Huawei P30 pro running pace issues

Normally use a Lenovo Tab P11 for my Zwift running. Linking with a Stryd foot pod to monitor my running pace. Everything works fine, happy days (12kmh - 7.2mph) :+1:
Just tried my old Huawei P30 pro on the same setup, and the pace is a lot slower! (12kmh - 6mph)!?
So tried an old P20 pro and the pace was the same as the P30! Factory reset both phones and reinstalled Zwift, didn’t make a difference. The foot pod connects fine via Bluetooth on all the devices. Both phones seem to cope with the program well with no glitching or lag. It just seems like the Huawei tech registers/processes the speed differently?
Ran the setup on my Pixel 6 and the pace went back to what I was getting on the tab P11.
I’m wanting to use the Huawei so I can connect via USB to HDMI. I’d use the other devices but they don’t use an alt video signal at the usb port. I’ve just got Pinnacle HC for chrimbo so I can start back on the bike too. Both phones connect fine with this, but I’ve not had chance to check how the pace is.
Anyone else ever had a similar issue with speed on Huawei stuff?