HRM stops working when Click is connected

I’ve been using Cog+Click for few days now and I have noticed that as soon as I connect Click in the Zwift app heart rate monitor freezes at current value. So if I ride for 45 minutes my heart rate doesn’t change or in best case changes once. I did some testing and as soon as I disconnect Click my heart rate starts showing like it should.

I run zwift on Windows and I have Garmin ANT+ HRM connected to Zwift HUB (“original” 2022 version).
Everything is updated.
Is this a Bluetooth limit between between PC and Zwift HUB and I need to buy USB ANT+ or is it something that can be fixed?

Hello, I have the same Problem! This must be a BUG!

Same issue here. Also using a (rather old) garmin ANT HRM.

I found a fix: I’ve isolated the problem to be when I connect using the PC app. When I connect using my phones app, it works fine. I can also get it to function with the PC app, if I connect through the phone.