HRM issues on 36882

(Conrad Juleff) #1

Since the last update from 30 May (36882) I have been having issues with my S8 and Wahoo tickr HRM. I sometimes lose HRM only during a ride. When I go to the Bluetooth setup it shows “No signal”. If I add and remove in the configuration menu a few times it comes back. It doesnt seem to be related to any other events on the phone such as texts etc and the connection to my Kickr1 is unaffected. Is anyone else seeing this?

(Tim) #2

Maybe it is coincidence of timing. I have a TickR X and I sometimes get HRM dropouts when my Neo continues to remain connected. This has been ongoing for me over the years, but is rare. For me it seems usually to be linked to the TickR battery health. When things start going wobbly it is often due to low battery. Recently I replaced the battery and found the old one was down to 2.9V whilst a fresh one measured at 3.21V.

That said, lately I’ve been having HRM dropouts occasionally with the new battery. My fix during a ride is to give it a robust tap, or several, or disconnect and reconnect the strap. That fixes it eventually. I have not gone into the pairing screen for a fix.