HRM drops

Again in the middle of the ride the connection between iWatch and ZC dropped, no idea why. ZC says to go to devices screen to reconnect. Where is that?

It’s bad enough that I login to main screen in ZA after opening ZC, the HRM drops. It reconnects to ZA and ZC, but why does it drop. This is every time.

Finally, I accidentally signed to wrong watopia tour today. Is there any way to change to right one at beginning of ride?


If you stop pedaling and let the menu pop up in the bottom left, click that, and on the righthand side you will see a connection button you can press. Alternatively, this is done when you first login to Zwift (you probably already know that part)

In your Zwift Companion App, you can look at the Events you have signed up to and can cancel/rejoin to a different group/different ride before launching Zwift.

*bottom left :grimacing:

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Good catch! Its the blind leading the blind now :laughing:

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If you stop pedaling, there’s a menu button in ZA that pops up on the left side of the screen. Is that what you mean? If I do that, I drop out of the group I’m riding and there’s a good chance that it doesn’t reconnect. is there nothing that one can do in ZC? Sometimes I can get to reconnect but not always and I can’t figure out why. There no error message that gives you that info.

Furthermore, when I start ZA after connecting my iWatch to ZC, the HRM signal drops and I have to reconnect once I’m in ZA. Often this works but it takes multiple tries and a few choice words. Wish they would fix this.

I was also thinking that it should be possible to switch to about tour ride when you first start the ride. I’m sure there are others who find themselves in the wrong ride by mistake.


No, I’m afraid there isn’t. The Pairing screen from the in-game Menu is your only option, and as you said that brings you to a halt.

I’d suggest borrowing a HR strap from a friend and testing that out. At least then, Maria, you’ll get a handle on where the fault is.

Great idea, let me try that.

So frustrating to have disappearing in middle of a ride and no way way to reconnect.


Forgot the strap but have new problem: HRM showing up in game on iWatch but not onZA or ZC. Anyone else having this problem? Just started yesterday.