HR showing in profile but during ride

HR on an Ant+. Zwift is recognizing the device and the profile shows up accurately post ride but the on-screen figure usually stays in 80’s during ride and never goes over 90 when the profile shows 150. 

Where are you seeing HR in your profile?

On my profile on the website and the Zwift Mobile Link only show average watts or calories along with time, distance and elevation gained.

I’ve only used Zwift a few times but a profile appears after the ride showing stats and one is a graph will color zones showing where you were for the entire ride. 

Do you upload your rides to a 3rd party (Strave, Garmin, TrainingPeaks…)?

If it is showing correctly post ride it should be showing correctly during the ride.

Could you be looking at the cadence data on screen Bill?

Thanks Paul and Paul. Still getting used to variety. Did a different ride and the HR/cadence window was working fine. Maybe the way I connected. But A OK. Much appreciated.