HR Monitor on Android

I have a Polar 0H1 that work perfectly fine with strava and other app.
I never managed to pair it with zwift.
I made sure it was unpair with anything else and even factory reset the device.

Searching on the web i noticed other people had the same issue strictly with the android version. So i was now shopping for a new HR monitor, until i realised everyone i speak to seem to have issue with HR monitor on the android version.

Does anybody have a working HR monitor on android ?
Which one are you using ?

Thank you !

I have the Polar H10, PowerTap PowerCal, and Rhythm+ working fine on Android. For the H10 I had to enable both Bluetooth channels for it to work.

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How did you enable both bluetooth channel ?
Zwift support told me the same thing, but Polar support didnt provide any awnser when i ask ?

Thank you for your awnser !

Wow ! I dont know why i didnt try that before, but it work perfectly with my Galaxy S9.
But for some reason it wont work with my Pixel 2 XL, which is the phone i used the most.

Is the H10 what you have? (You wrote 0H1 and I thought you might mean the OH1.) For the H10, in the Polar Beat app after you pair your HRM device go into settings and you can toggle two BLE channels as well as ANT+. Remember to unpair it from the Polar Beat app AND from the phone afterwards. (Unlike Zwift, when the Polar app pairs it also adds the device to the phone.)

The OH1 doesnโ€™t have two BLE channels.


I do have the OH-1 your right.

Ill try what you said.
Im under the impression it was not properly unpaired from polar beat and the phone. Im gonna give this a try.
Thank alot for your support, i really appreciated it !

Fallowed your instruction, probleme solved !

Thanks alot !

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Glad you got it working! Ride on! :star_struck::ride_on:

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