HR Freezing during run - Apple watch

(R) #1

I am using the apple watch 4 for running but the HR tends to freeze a lot during my runs. Today during my 30 minute run it was frozen during most of the run. Is there any chance zwift is going to fix this? I had the same problem with my apple watch 3. I’ve tried a chest strap (H10) but have issues connecting it to iphone and zwift.

I’ve tried restarting my watch and phone, tried reconnecting them before workouts, everything. I’ve tried both AW3 and AW4. Its like zwift isn’t telling the watch its a workout and to record each second. The cadence/pace with the AW and zwift seems to work perfect.

Oh, and I did find a cool website that offered a lot of tips on solving this issue but in the end basically said these are known bugs. Been happening since running was released a year ago so I was hoping it would get fixed at some point.

(Mark) #2

The most recent update for Apple TV did a number to Apple Watch connectivity. Mine freezes, so I start another HR app on the phone then move back to Z Companion App on the Apple Watch, and it seems to work fine. Whatever they fixed with the new version broke the Apple Watch connectivity. Hope that helps.