How would you describe Zwift to friends

When my friends ask what Zwift is I always call it “Egotistical Training”, the competitive nature in me has made me push to my limits on many occasion. A few times I was about to stop a ride exhausted and looking at the couch for relief only to be passed by someone and battling them for an extra 2 laps. I’ve screamed of joy and scared my wife and 3 kids the first time I got a green and orange jersey (still never got the polka dots). I’ve had my ego crushed as many riders have passed me on the way up the hills as if I was a pylon but the competitive nature in me pushed me to log back on and push harder. I’ve gone from 260lbs to 225lbs since joining Zwift. It’s been the biggest boost to my ego and has gotten me to love riding again.

Zwift to me is egotistical training, how do you describe zwift? 

I just say its an MMO that makes me fitter.

Zwift should add themselves to the wikipedia page: