How to win MTB KOM (Bug)

While I am not the worst in the w/kg department I’m not joining the Cat A anytime soon.

I found a bug that rocketed me into the top 10 finishers on the new course. If you draft someone in Repack Ridge it will keep the drafting bonus until you draft someone else (I’ll explain) or finish the course.

If you draft someone going for example, 30km/h, you get the sling shot effect that you would expect up to about 45km/h in a sprint, but it doesn’t stop when you pass them. This works even if you slow down or crash. The only time I had the bonus faulter was when I drafted someone going a bit slower and the bonus was reduced for the final part of my run, up the hill! I was still going +20km/h up a 15% incline!

Good luck now you know the trick! All you have to do it wait for someone to start a few seconds in front of you then draft them and you are golden. I hope they fix it and ask strava to reset the boards or something(not possible I know). But I can only hope that in the future the new courses will not have this problem.