How to use SIM mode?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #21

In what format is the training plan. You can make your own workouts in ZWIFT there is also an online workout editor. and


Edit: I see you can also export your trainingplan from TP and import to Zwift

I have not done this.


(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #22

Here is the question:  let’s say I import my file from Training Peaks and it shows up under Workouts.  BUT, if I select Workouts, I will not be able to ride my custom workout that I imported from Training Peaks in the SIM mode (!).  Is that correct?

You guys pointed out that in order to ride in SIM mode, I cannot select a workout, just select a course.  So if these workouts are imported under the Workout category, they will not respond to SIM, they will only be in ERG mode.  Am I correct?


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #23
  1. Yes, in sim mode you don’t ride your workouts.

  2. Yes it will be ERG mode if your trainer has ERG mode, so it will tell you to hold certain watts. you will still be on the normal roads but the trainer will not make more resistance when you go up hill. You speed will still be calculated according to your power out put.



(Phillip Whoriskey) #24

I would like to ride the terrain but have the workout set up showing me target power, basically simulating outdoor workouts where I havve to change gears and be conscious of my target and measured power. .  Are there plans ro make this an option?   


(Rob FloatAero ZHR(H)) #25

I just copied this from another thread, I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems to be the answer you are looking for …

If you alter a .ZWO file that contains a “freeride” to remove the flatroad=1 option your smart trainer will go to sim mode in this portion of the workout."