How to use SIM mode?

(Mark de Regt) #1

 I have a Wahoo Kickr 2016; I’ve been riding it since late last year, with something over 700 miles on it. 

Generally, I use ERG mode, because it’s the only one that I know how to use.

But it seems that there is something referred to as SIM mode, under which Zwift changes the resistance on my Kickr according to the terrain, increasing it as the gradient increases, and decreasing resistance as the gradient decreases.

I would be very grateful if someone would give me excruciatingly-detailed instructions on how I get my machine to do this.



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(Paul) #2

Here is the manual:

Don’t select a workout, just select a route to ride.


(Mark) #3

After you pair your devices, click RIDE. That’s it. Seriously.


(Paul) #4


Already solved in a different thread.


(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #5

I would be very curious which thread that would be, because I have been searching the same problem for 30 minutes now and I have no answers.  I found the problem very eloquently explained and asked, but no real answers…


(Mark de Regt) #6

To ride in ERG mode, you choose a “workout,” then select a route, and start.

To ride in SIM mode, you DON’T choose a workout; you just choose a route, then start. 

That’s all.


(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #7

That is easy.  I will try it.  

Do you also happen to know how to pair Zwift with the powermeter on the bike (Power2Max) in the upper row of pairing devices, at the same time you pair it with the smart trainer (Wahoo Kickr) on the lower row of pairing devices?


(Mark de Regt) #8

You cannot pair both.  If you want to use ERG mode, you will have to use the Kickr as the power meter; in SIM mode, you can use either the Kickr or your Power2Max.


(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #9

Yes, but I don’t “see” the Power2Max in the list of choices.  Another thread mentioned there is a way to see your bike powermeter, but it did not have instructions on how to get to it.

Honestly, it’s like pulling hairs trying to do all this. Very frustrating.

I appreciate your help!


(Mark de Regt) #10

You have to pedal your bike for a minute or two, sometimes, to turn on the power meter (and cadence sensor), for the system to “see” them.

Welcome to the world of no instruction manuals.


(Gerrie) #11

No instruction manuals???

See the links below.



(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #12


I read all those “manuals”.  While they are good for general information, I found nothing related to riding in SIM vs. ERG mode, or how to pair your ANT bike powermeter at the same time as your Bluetooth smart trainer, etc.

I appreciate the people who wrote those, but there are some questions they don’t answer.  Good thing Mark is around!


(Gerrie) #13

We all try to help if we can, there is things that is very user specific, that is why there are forums.  



If you have an ANT+ power meter, you can ride on Zwift with any classic trainer or roller setup.

  1. Verify that your power meter is on _ by rotating the pedals _.
  2. Select the “Search” button under the Power Source  category.
  3. Your power meter should appear on the pop-up menu. Select it.

(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #14


Here’s what I have:  Power2Max on bike, which is ANT.  Wahoo Kickr, which is both ANT and Bluetooth. Mac computer.

I obviously need to buy an ANT dongle.  Once I buy that, I should be able to choose the Power2Max power meter on the top row of devices (after starting to pedal), and use the Kickr on the second row of paired devices, on the Zwift pairing screen.

I will use my Kickr Cadence meter for cadence (if Zwift does not read the cadence off the Power2Max) and I will use my Garmin ANT chest strap for heart rate. I understand that I would only be able to ride in SIM mode with this configuration.

Then, to ride in SIM mode, I WILL NOT choose a workout, just choose a route, then start.

Is that correct?


(Gerrie) #15

That sound correct.

Good luck, remember to have that ANT+ dongle close to the bike. Get a good extension cable, some cheep ones are not working.


Let us know how it goes.


(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #16

I will, and thank you!


(Mark de Regt) #17

Also, it’s important to have an ANT+ extender cable, so you can get the ANT+ dongle fairly close to your Kickr and other ANT+ devices.  Having just the dongle probably will not give satisfactory results.



(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #18

I just ordered the dongle and the cable.  I will check back next week and tell you how it went.

For now, I will use the data from my Kickr.  I will be happy just to be able to ride in SIM mode, which is why I bought the Kickr (I have been using a Kurt Kinetic for a while now).

First time I used the Kickr with Zwift a couple of days ago, I chose Free Ride but the Kickr did not change the resistance along the course.  Which is why I started reading about all this stuff.  So now I know not to choose a workout, just choose the route and start.  This weekend I will try that and hopefully it works.


(Mark de Regt) #19

I’ll be curious to hear how close your Kickr is to your Power2Max.  My Kickr in Zwift reads about 10-15% lower than my Rotor Inpower reading out to my Garmin.


(Mihnea Dumitrescu) #20


The Kickr on Zwift and the Power2Max on Garmin have identical readings (3 second average).  I was actually pretty surprised of how close they were.

And your advice worked - I chose the course (not the workout) and started riding in SIM mode.  It worked perfectly.

Still waiting for the ANT dongle to test the other option (reading power off the P2M powermeter as the power source).  But I am happy that it works well with the Kickr.

My next challenge will be to upload files from Training Peaks (written by my coach) into Zwift courses.  You wouldn’t know how to do that, would you (on a Mac)?