How to use my Vector power to control Zwift and then my Kickr

Hi, is it possible to have Zwift receive power info from the Vector (instead of the kickr) and then control the Kickr (ERG) this way ?


How should I do the connection/pairing ?

I tried this way: paired zwift with vector for power…But then Zwift didn’t control resistance anymore…


Any help ?


This is my setup and it works perfectly.

Connect Vectors as power source and connect the kickr as a trainer source (bottom right in pairing screen)

Hi Brett,

Thanks for your time…


So, setting up this way, the Kickr works in ERG mode, controlled by Zwift, as it normally works ?


Thanks again…

Kickr as it ‘normally’ works is actually in SIM mode, when you are doing a workout is the time that it is in ERG mode.

If ‘normal’ mode is what you are looking for then this will work as described above, if you want to do a workout I think you have to wait until the kickr gets the fe-c controllable indoor trainer update.


First if you have not done so check to make sure the kickr is running the most up to date firmware.  This allows for the erg mode to be controlled externally via powermeter.


go to pairing menu

select vector as power source

select controllable trainer as kickr.


Hi Dany, 

This will only work for the SIM mode at the moment not for the ERG mode I’m afraid. But hang on tight we are working on it :slight_smile:

Ride On!

Hi, The kickr just got the update…

How can I make zwift control it using ERG mode (using my vector as the power input) ?