How to un-pair a device (power meter, speed and cadence sensor, etc.)

Zwifters - is there any way to un-pair a device once it’s been paired? I have a power meter (power2max TypeS) and a speed and cadence sensor (Garmin) installed. I was hoping to test Zwift’s “Virtual Power” setup, but I can’t seem to un-pair my power meter now that I’ve paired it … it always picks up and overrides the speed and cadence sensor.

There’s no easy way to unpair from within Zwift yet. If you insist on trying it, delete documents/zwift/prefs.xml and it’ll forget your saved settings and then it won’t auto-pair the power meter the next time you run.

Brian - did you have any trouble pairing your Power2Max initially? Zwift can’t find it no matter what I have tried.

Zak - I didn’t have any problems with my initial power2max pair. I just had to wake it up with 1 or 2 pedal strokes, then it appeared immediately in the GUI to pair.