How to START a challenge

(🏊🏽🚴🏼🏃🏻JJS de Graaf {Swim BIKE Run}) #1

There are challenges. I know. But how do I start one?
Where in the menu? Or during a ride?

(Nick LaVeaux) #2

Hi Jochum. 

You can easily join one of several different challenges by entering the in-game menu. When you are not moving, the menu button pops up on the left. When you’re in the pause menu, click the image in the upper right and then select the challenge that you would like your progress to work toward. There’s even a secret one. 

Ride On!

(Tony Bray) #3

I’m a newbie! How do I start the Specialized Roubaix challenge that has just appeared on your Facebook feed? When I log on I only see California or Everest.


(K Smith) #4

Common Nick…   you can’t just drop that little nugget and not tell us more…     So, common… what’s the secret one? 

(Stephan Martel) #5

I tried on menu screen 

(Stephan Martel) #6

I tried on menu screen to click the image upper right…nothing happen.