How to sort custom workouts folders in Zwift?


I have created and saved a lot of workouts. In order to organize them I have created folders named “High Intensity 60 min or less”, “High intensity 60 min or more”, “Medium intensity” and so on. You get the idea.

In my PC folder (Zwift\Workouts) the respective folders are sorted alphabetically but when I start Zwift the order seems entirely random. Is there a way to get them sorted in the desired order? Or maybe there is some sort of rule that I can adapt to and maybe change the names of my folders?

Thank you for any help!

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That’s a great question! I inquired with my team about this and tested it ourselves, and it appears that the folders for the custom workouts appear in the list in the order they were created, not according to the title.

If you wanted to, you could rename the files based on the creation date and sort everything accordingly that way. You could also determine which folders were created first and rename them so they are alphabetical.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Ride On.

I see. Thank you for your reply and your clever suggestions. And thank you for a great product!

You’re so welcome! Zwift is amazing, and I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile:

Hi Lauren, can you elaborate in that? Because for what I see this doesn’t have any sense:

This is what Zwift shows:

Anotación 2020-02-16 140012

And this is what the Operating System reports as the “Creation Date”