How to reset power curve after Zwift academy?

Hi Forum.
I finished Zwift Academy a week ago or so. And now Zwift academy is officially over.
During Zwift academy the „grey curve“ of the Power curve displayed to me after each ride was the Maximum of Zwift Academy men.
Now that Academy is over, I would like to see my own best curve again, so that I can better make out how far from my best I was on a specific ride. Zwift Academy curve is much higher than that…

I use zwiftpower as well and there it is displayed, but then I miss all „non-event“ rides…

If you are on a PC or Mac you would just have to delete the files in the \Documents\Zwift\cp for the dates of the Zwift Academy. That should set your power curve back to what it was before the event started.

Not sure this is what you are asking for.

why do you want to reset it, during the ZA you improved and you got stronger now you have a new target to train to better.

Or did I miss understand the question,

Because it does not display MY best performance, but the best performance of ALL ZWIFT Academy participants.
These values are unreachable for me :slight_smile:

At the point when I entered ZA, the curve changed to match „Mens best“ and now after ZA stays like that.

Yes, it is a pity because I made my own curve better at any point, from 1sec to 4h… but I still do not reach the ZA best curve :slight_smile:

I run on iPad. Where do I find the Curve files there??

You might need to COMPLETELY uninstall Zwift from the iPad since you will not have access to those files (least I don’t think so).

Going to tag @Lin_Alan to see if he has any ideas.

No I don’t think this is true, the power curve in Zwift is only your own data.

Well I can only say my observations :slight_smile: Before ZA my performance was at least in some parts close to my best.
Upon joining YA the best curve was miles away of ANY current ride I have done, even though I beat my best resulst regularly on Todays Plan and Zwiftpower. Zwiftpower there is the much better display.

Maybe it is also a scaling issue, but I do not even come close to the Best curve there

Yes there is a scaling issue (at least before the update).

Move over the chart with your mouse.

Ok, after the ride today I see it is a massive scaling issue…
My best curve is much higher, even though values are almost similar…
But that was not the case before zwift academy. Hopefully it is fixwd with the nw update