How to report offensive language in message system

I was on a group ride and a rider decided it was ok to use an offensive term while using the message system.

How do you contact Zwift support to make them aware of the situation?

Within the Zwift Companion App you can click on a persons name and Flag them.

Another option would be to take a screen shot and send it to Zwift Support.

How do you define “offensive”? What might trigger you might not bother others.

I thought there was a way in the companion app to report a zwifter, but I’m not seeing the option.

Isn’t there a language filter in settings?

Yes there are, but sometimes it is not bad language but rather people being insensitive and rude.

Some think it is ok to use bad language but use special characters to get past the filter.

So as Paul suggested flag him/her and send a screen shot to Zwift. They can get banned.

There is many younger kids and ladies on zwift that don’t want to read the potty mouth pub talk.


Ah, you’re right. Zwift being a social platform there should be a built-in block/report option.

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