How to properly execute workouts (beginner)

Hello all !!

I’m fairly new to cycling so I’m a bit confused about How to properly do some of the workouts correctly rather than getting FAILED all the time. Most specifically, I’m talking about the Beginner FTP Build Up 12 weeks workout. Instead of pedaling around Watopia without any true “objective” I decided to get onto a more structured training plan to build up my FTP.

The 1st day went without any issues but the second day found me trying to achieve the required goals only to get several FAILED messages.

More specifically… when I go from riding from 60 Watts for X amount of time and then having to up to 175Watts for 10 seconds !! and then back to 60 Watts for another X amount of time.

Now, How Am I supposed to jump up from 60 to 175 (and ride at that higher power for only 10 seconds) and then instantly back to 60 watts?, Well, even with shifting and the trainer delas (ramp up) by the time I get to 175 a couple of seconds or more have gone by…then I find myself trying to target the 175 which obviously takes some adjusting (power/cadence) and by the time I’m there BANG ! I got to be back at 60 watts …!!!

SO, I guess my question is… do the 10 seconds allow for a constant a gradual increase to achieve the 175 watts? and then the same thing to slow down to 60 watss? Ity seems almost impossible to be able to achieve the targets INSTANTLY… (at least it si for me). Yes I did get two PERFECT but I don’t even know How I got them… so…it is very difficult to duplicate when you don’t know what you supposed to be doing…

Shouldn’t this targets allow for a gradual (if very quick but gradual at least) to achieve the required power/cadence combination?

I kinda start building the pace up a bit with 3 seconds to go before the watts need to increase, so when the 10 seconds start you’re already on your way to the required figure