How to program structured interval in Zwift

Need some help to program specific intervals in Zwift…
Programming a specific zone and time is no problem, however how do I program something like below that requires a specific cadence in a very hard gear (Power is no consideration).

10 minutes of seated climbing on moderate gradient.(Use a gear which you can only just turn over.
Keep your cadence at (45-55) during the high gear efforts and at 90 during the rest periods. Keep intensity below zone 4. Recovery of 10 minutes - zone 2 between climbs

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @CT_Jacobs, welcome to the forums.

I don’t write my own workouts in Zwift, but have played with it a little. Could you use a “free ride” block for this interval?

Something like this made with zwofactory

Free ride block with cadence then Z2