How to pair Kinetic smart sensor to Zwift on Andriod


(Keegan) #1

I can’t pair my Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 to Zwift.

I’ve successfully paired my Kinetic Road Smart trainer InRide sensor to the Kinetic app, but have no success with Zwift.
I’ve also followed the steps listed in the troubleshoot that explains to use the Zwift Companion app to add the sensor, but there is no button to add a Sensor within the Settings tab as described in the setup guide.
The sensor is able to pair with the Kinetic app, but not Zwift (I’m careful to not have both apps on at the same time and am not pairing the sensor directly to my devices with bluetooth).
Thank you for your help.
(UPDATE, I SWAPPED THE OLD BLACK SENSOR WITH THE NEW GREEN iRIDE SENSOR AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY) I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9 to run Zwift and then using a USB type C to HDMI converter to run it to my HD TV and it is AMAZING!!! Make sure you use the adapter that allows fast charging so your phone battery doesn’t die while playing Zwift.

(Thomas Pallister) #2

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to connect a kinetic road machine 2 to a the Android zwift beta using a Samsung S8. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been through all the kinetic and zwift help and nothing has solved the issue yet.

(Keegan) #3

Hey, I haven’t found anything yet, but I will update my post when I find a way to connect it. Overall the program seems to work very well on my phone but it’s to be expected to have some bugs in the beta version, I’m hoping this will be fixed sonner now that we made them aware of the issue.

The one thing I’ve noticed is that I feel like I have to give more effort in the game than in real life to keep up with the other Zwifters. Do you feel the same way?

(Keir Stiegler) #4

@Keegan_Bachelor do you have a black (v1/v2) InRide or the newer green (v3) InRide? I can’t connect to the older versions from my Pixel 2 XL but I can connect to the newer version.

(Thomas Pallister) #5

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I’m using an older black version. It’s a real shame I love the concept of zwift but I think it’s back to trainer road untill this is a little more polished.

(Keegan) #6

I’m using the black version. I’m really glad you told me about the green one. I didn’t realize there is a new one, but I see it clearly states on the Kinetic website that it is compatible with Zwift so I will definitely give it a shot. Can you tell a difference in power accuracy by using the Kinetic trainer compared to a cadence/speed sensor such as the Wahoo I am currently using?

(eric thomas (V)) #7

I replaced my black one cause it stopped working all together with a new green one. It will not connect with the Kinetic app, but the power seems to be that same as my previous one. The new one is ant+ so no phone bridge needed.

(Keegan) #8

Just swapped out the old black sensor with the new green sensor and it works perfectly! It also connects to the Kinetic app and I was able to upgrade its firmware and calibrate successfully. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9 by the way.
I’m using the Kinetic sensor to determine Power and Speed, while still using my Wahoo sensor for Cadence.
Thanks for your suggestion!

(Keegan) #9

Get the new Green iRide sensor, it works perfectly. :slight_smile:

(eric thomas (V)) #10

Got my sensor to connect to the kinetic app and calibrated it. Works so much better than the black inride sensor.