How to interpret Zwiftpower "Lag" Column

I recently had some issues with segment times in a ZRL race, and the WTRL folks suggested I might have a lag problem, based on my ZwiftPower profile. I can’t find any information about what this data represents. On my profile, I toggled “Columns → ‘Lag’” and it shows a metric in seconds for each race, a colorized progress bar, and there’s a tooltip that says “x seconds of missing data” but I’m not sure if that tooltip is being applied to the right place.

I don’t know what the metric represents. Typical values are 23s (grey bar); 43s (green bar) or 110s (orange bar). I’m pretty sure I wasn’t suffering from 43s of latency in a Zwift race where my teammates could see me and I could see them. Does anyone have any info in how the number is calculated (and how the grey/green/orange/red categories are chosen)?

Maybe dropouts going on for x seconds accumulated per activity :person_shrugging:

Have you tried zwiftalizer on these activities?

first time i’m hearing about that column, but i’d guess that’s a fair amount of lag. only a few of my activities have any lag at all (1-3s) and i’m on pretty basic wifi in an outdoor shed. no idea how it would affect your segment times or what the root issue is though

If you’re using a device that supports it, upload logs to and do the ping test. Share here if you want help understanding it.

Thanks for the Zwiftalizer tip (and @Cris_To too). I have uploaded the log for the race in question, and a couple of others, and they don’t show anything too concerning as far as I can tell. No latency issue, one single Bluetooth disconnect near the end. Nothing that matches the “lag” value in ZwiftPower.

Thanks for the thoughts!