How to increase resistance with Kurt Kinetic & iPad setup?

I sync everything bluetooth, I use my city bike with a 1x10 setup with a 38 ring in front.  I don’t have enough resistance even in the smallest cog for any sort of out of the saddle power down situations.  I don’t want to swap the chainring out as it serves me well for city riding.  would a bigger flywheel do the job or is there a setting i can change?

I usually calibrate it with the inride app before each session and then just let the app take over.



If you are in ERG mode you can use Page Up, Page Down keys to affect power feel. If you are in Sim mode, try setting gradient slider to like 85%. You will notice uphill’s even when it says 0%. I use this setting for my self-perceived realism.

You should be calibrated OK, but try the Zwift routine to see if it matters. It is located on the Pair page under your power meter (wrench icon).

You would only need your low gears for like the radio tower climb in Watopia only.

Thanks Cary,

So I guess its the fact my Kurt Kinetic is the regular version and not the smart controllable one, I don’t see the option to switch from ERG to Sim mode but I did try “target power adjustment” but that doesnt appear to change resistance.