How to fix "Partial Ride" many files into single one

(Mohammad Qahtani) #1

I am a zwift user, who do my training on zwift as instructed by my online coach.

I am syncing automatically my rides to both TrainingPeaks and Strava. Today, I encountered my first Partial Ride! The reason for it was my Internet connect dropped during the ride and I saved the ride before internet was back! 

So the sync did not work so I had to download the ride manually and upload it to bother TrainingPeaks. When I did that the ride was only 49 min as opposed to original ride time which was 65 min. I managed to fix it. 

Step 1: go to Strava folder where your rides are kept. I am a MAC user, so it is under Documents/Zwift/Activities. 

I found 4 different files with today’s date. These are your files (some are only bytes not even KB).


Step2: go to this website which will glue these rides together: 

choose FileCombiner, then choose the files (all at once) or drag and drop them.

Step3: now you can download the whole rides as single file.


Step4: you can now upload them to Strava or TrainingPeaks without loosing any date at all.


I hope it will work for all.