How to find the Central Park Loop

Hello folks,

Newbie on riding here, so forgive me if this is a silly question but I could not find an answer in the forums or with google search.

So I want to do timed segments on Zwift. Zwift support page lists the Hilly Loop (Watopia) and Central Park Loop (NYC) as timed segments. (can’t post the link here but you can find the page by searching for “segments-jerseys-and-time-limits” in Google)

The problem is, I can see the Hilly Loop route in the route selection menu in Watopia before starting a race, (I choose it and do the Hilly Loop without needing to think about turns etc as the bike automatically turns for you) , but, I don’t see the Central Park Loop route in the route selection menu for NYC. I see the “Central Park Loop” timer briefly when I’m doing the 6 train route but I want to be able just select that route before my race…

Why can I see the Hilly Loop in the list but not the Central Park Loop? Am I doing something wrong or is the Central Park Loop just not available in the route selection list (and I have to find my way in the park manually when I’m riding)?


Try the perimeter route.

Thanks Gerrie, will try that one. Appreciate it!

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