How to find a workout from a plan

(David Mortimer) #1

I want to do red unicorn again - from week 1 of the build me up plan. Is there a way to find it and then do it? Tried to find it by clicking through all the available workouts bit it didn’t work out. Was I not looking hard enough?

(Jordan Rapp) #2

Hi David,

For the time being, for the new Training Plans (some of the plans are totally new; others - like the FTP Builder - are reformatted versions of plans that already existed in Zwift), the only way to access the workouts in a plan as part of the plan.

We may change that in the future, but for the time being, we wanted to have there be something special and exclusive about these new plans. I think that the “Build Me Up” plan is pretty great. And I’m glad you like it. And certainly your feedback here is understandable and something we’ll take seriously.

Ride On,

Zwift Game Design

(David Mortimer) #3

Thanks for the prompt reply - if live to see that added as a feature - if you miss a workout but then your schedule sorts itself out such that it is reasonable to make it up… It would be nice.

Can you suggest a workout similar to red unicorn that is accessible?

(Jordan Rapp) #4

I’d say the *closest* is the Mat Hayman workout. That’s a bit harder than Red Unicorn, but if you use the FTP Bias arrows and drop the intensity down about 5-10% (depending on your legs), it’s pretty close. The commentary in that one isn’t quite a good though. Shayne really did a super job with the messaging. 

(Kevin Yap) #5

Please open up the plans so we can do the individual work outs. Give us the option of following a plan or not.

I have to wait a few days before Red Unicorn is available so had to do a different work out outside the plan.

Also i have accidentally clicked on the “already done” but now wish to do it again so having the option to do again would be great.

Great job though - loving every bit !