How to FC on zwift with my material

Hello every body!
First time on HT, i can’t arrived to connect my FC captor with my set up😭
I have buy a tacx neo 2 smart(the only HT it’s in stock with the coronavirus in France…) i connect him on a ipar air2, no problems, i have the power meter, the cadence but i cant arrived to connect my garmin tactix charly, or my forunner 235 or my edge 810 for diffused my FC.
Any body have a idea, not expensive😜and simple(i’m not a geek🤣i preferd my wood and mountain😜),for have my FC on my set up?
Thank a lot, and sorry for my English(i hope your eyes not bleed😬)
Have a good day!!

I am going to try and answer this.

Zwift on the Apple Ipad Air2 is Bluetooth only and the Garmin 235 broadcast HR in ANT+. The Edge 810 will not connect to Zwift at all.

Can you type your question in French and we can use Google Translate and that may give us a better idea of what you are asking.


Tanks Paul for the answer!
But the tactix ,and the 235, connect to my phone and ipad in Bluetooth after my activity ?

OK, the Garmin 235 broadcast HR in real-time using ANT+

What is a tactix??

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Actuellement, les Garmin ne transmettent pas les données cardiaques en temps réel via Bluetooth (à l’exception des 245, 945, fenix6 en mode ‘virtual run’). C’est uniquement possible via ANT mais les iPad n’ont pas de ANT donc il n’y a actuellement pas de possibilité d’échange de données directement entre Garmin<=>iPad pendant les activités cyclistes.

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Ok! Super, je comprend mieux, au prix de la tactix je suis vert🙄
Merci beaucoup pour les solutions alternatives ! Je regarde ça de manière plus approfondie !!:+1::+1: