How to disable player times of opposite direction?

it may be a newbie question, but I cant find an answer to it. Is it possible to disable the times of cyclist of the opposite direction? Very often when I drive a free tour there are a lot more players in the opposite direction then in my direction (e.g. Zürich 47,6km). Then I cant see the times of players in my direction or it s hard to see them because the player list is changing constantly too fast. Then I dont know if a player behind me is getting faster or I dont know how much I have in increase my speed to get closer to another player in front of me. Any idea?

Currently, I don’t see any utility for this task.

Like he says, it cleans up some of the noise. Who cares about people riding in the opposite direction?

I don’t think the current way it’s working is intentional. Riders riding in the opposite direction only recently started showing up in the rider list. I first noticed it in Innsbruck. It used to work the way you suggest.