How to choose difficlty level for rides?

(Dmitry Shevyakov) #1

I’m iust interesting in how to choose diffclty level for most effective training(smart hardware). any suggestions? What’s your settings? what settings is on group rides?

(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #2

Move up one cog on the rear.  Two if you’re brave.

The difficulty level on the rides is entirely up to you - how you ride, how hard you wish to push yourself.  

(Dmitry Shevyakov) #3

I understand. But question is what’s more effective for increasing FTP/max distance etc… over time:

  1. 1 lap at 100%,
  2. 3 laps at 80%,
  3. 10 laps at 50% and so on…
  4. use zwift workouts
  5. something else

(T acoma Cyclist (LVE)) #4

It really depends.  

FTP increases, there are specific Zwift workouts designed for that.  Sweetspot efforts and Over-Under efforts are good.  

For max distance, there’s simply no substitute for time in the saddle.  Honestly, I wouldn’t try using Zwift for that purpose.  It’s just too mind-numbing and frankly, trainers can tear at your body more than regular riding on the road thanks to the overly stiff positioning of the bike and your body.  

Also, fwiw, training for increase in FTP and training for greater distance are opposite types of training.  Well, not 100% opposite, but they differ dramatically.  All day riding doesn’t equate to faster or more power.  More power doesn’t equate to more endurance.  

For more distance, just go out and ride.  If your max distance has been 35, do 50.  If it’s been 50, do 70, etc.  Eat, drink, and push yourself.