how to change the rider jersey,etc?

(David Kindler) #1

i see riders whizzing by with other jerseys… but when I go to the setup page I have very limited choice… do I have a bug, or doing something wrong…

(L Read) #2

must put in more miles, work on drafting, segments, etc to unlock new accessories.

(Scott) #3

The more you ride, the more points you collect and the more achievements you unlock as you level up. Your current level is displayed to the left of the white stats bar just below speed and also on your dashboard profile.

(Mike Curcio) #4

Similar to the original post I had a message come up that I had unlocked a new jersey yet I don’t know where to find it in settings to change to new jersey so back to the original posters question, are we doing something wrong?

(Joel Brown) #5

Regarding jerseys, I’ve been awarded a couple, but I have no idea how to change the look of my rider. I can’t seem to find any dynamic links on my dashboard or the game interface that will allow me to see or use awards.

(Scott) #6

Hit “t” on your keyboard to go to the customization screen.

(Abhi Rao) #7

@Scott - Came here looking for a solution to the same problem. I do not think “t” is an intuitive way to get to the settings screen. It would be good to have a clear link, maybe from the Profile or Settings area.

Having fun on Zwift, thanks!

(Blair Sutherland Burnsco BSR (ZNZ)) #8

My profile is telling me that i am at level three and have three new jerseys to choose from. i have read through all the other peoples comments and i can’t seem to find how to use them or activate them.

Can any body help out??


(Mike Hone (Audi)) #9

I too saw this award but have no idea how to change the jersey. I think the user should be able to update the jersey in the profile section. It would be nice if they could even upload their team kit. I run a team of over 250 riders and my team would love to have their team kit on display… how can we update our own team kits?

Someone I think it would really be a nice edition if you could update your own jersey or favorite jersey without having to unlock achivements.

(David Scott) #10

Can’t agree more that hitting ‘t’ is completely ridiculous…just add a selection under Setting to make it more intuitive.  That said, the system works fairly well once setup…but the user-interface leaves a bit to be desired. 

(Zachary Conger) #11

Here’s a Zwift support article that I found helpful: