How to change course

Am I being dumb or do you have to exit the app to change course, like from London to watopia? And if you’ve joined an event through the companion app does it join for you?

Hi @steve_jones7, no you aren’t being dumb. One of the most requested features is to not have to save and exit to change routes or worlds. We are all hoping with the new UI update that this will change, hopefully later this month!

When you sign up for an event in the companion app, website, or in the game you will see a “Join Now” button in the lower left of the screen once you spawn into one of the two worlds available. Again, you must be in the game and riding for the join button to show up, it will not appear if you are sitting on the pairing screen or world choice screen.



When will this finally be possible? Any news?

Probably not in our life times.