How Quit Kona Mission?

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #1

How can we quit the Kona Mission? I didn’t get credited for mileage in two workouts and it appears that all free rides must be done on the Shiv for it to count the. I’m never going to make the mileage like this and you don’t even get to keep the bike when it’s over. So, my wife and I would like to opt-out and go back to our normal bikes without having to select them each time. How do we do that?

(Paul Allen) #2

I believe you will need to wait until the challenge is over.

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #3

Afraid of that… just takes me forever to select my old bike on Apple TV! :wink:

(Clau Saez) #4

You can choose a different bike if you have Zwift on your phone any time.
Just start Zwift, select just watch, then menu, then change bikes… + end ride and delete
Thats the only reason I keep swift on my phone!

(John Hallas ) #5

I agree re the workouts not counting to the mileage, however I have never selected the Shiv intentionally. Not sure if I am riding it or not as I never change my bike anyway

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #6

You’re talking about the Zwift app, not Companion. Interesting… I’ll download it on my Android and give that a try. Too bad they didn’t tell us we had to do all the challenge on a TT bike… or I missed that part.

(Clau Saez) #7

It’s all about the Shiv Disc bike according to the mission… I didn’t know it was TT either.

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #8

And no mileage for doing a workout on the Shiv.

(. #darth.rider..) #9

The Shiv doesn’t appear as choice on the Android app for me. Went back into pc version, and defaulted back to Shiv. Very annoying as you have to remember to go and swap bikes every time you go into Zwift.