How long to reclassify race category?

noob here. first race my power meter was supposedly uncalibrated and now I can only do A and B races. Based on what I know and after calibrating my Power meter, I’m actually D. I’ve don’t some non CE races in C and get dropped. B, no way.

My question is, how long does it take to get to my ‘correct’ category? does it take 60 days from that uncalibrated race I did in B?


60 days for CE to get you back down. You might be better to raise a support call to see if they can get those races scrubbed. I believe there is a process for that now but not sure how available it is. Maybe @James_Zwift can help

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Email and explain what happened and they should be able to help.

Feel free to mention me on the email.

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thank you!

Didn’t seem to help. They were able to clear my personal bests but that doesn’t change the categories I can race in. I’m still stuck to A and B when I’m really a C/D.

Big bummer for me but it doesn’t seem like they can or will change it.

They say all my results and data will recalibrate as time moves on and the outlying result will drop off ‘within 60 days’.

My question is doesn’t anyone have experience or knowledge of when that actually happens? Is it 60 days exactly? 30 days? Or really no way to tell?