How long does it take to get a Zwift Kid account?

I submitted application for my kids on Feb 1st. So far I received nothing except for an initial acknowledgement email. Is there anyway we can track the procedure or expect when I can get approval?


You should have definitely received a reply by now. Have you checked your spam inbox? @joules can probably take a look.

I checked my spams and trash box. Neither has Zwift emails. I have received several Zwift ad emails since Feb 1st, so any email with Zwift should be fine.

Alright. I’d give Joules a few days to see this tag and get back to you on the account.

I’ll flag this to our CS team.

Hi, I`ve applied twice for my son as well. No answer beside the acknowledgement email like you.

Did you get it by now?


Have you checked your spam? If it still isn’t there, @joules can probably help.

I’ve asked someone to check in on this for you.

Hi @Erik_Vdm ! Thanks for following up via Forums!
I was looking over your account and form submissions, and it looks like the previous responses we had sent out had bounced each time. I tried resending the message, but it bounced again. This may be due to a full inbox, but could also be due to any restrictions from the ‘’ domain.
If it isn’t a full inbox, I would suggest checking the settings on your email account, to ensure any further emails from Zwift Support can get through.
I went ahead and resent the message to the email provided for your child’s account. Please check that inbox, as it appears that message has gone through. If you’re still not seeing it after checking your spam folder, respond here (tagging me) so I can make sure we get this sorted for you and your child :slight_smile:

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Hi @joules ! Thank you for your reply and the effort you put in. I did receive the confirmation on this other email that was provided by me for the child’s account and everything seems to work ok.

I do not get tough why my own email doesn’t work. I’ve been using this one to sign in to zwift for years and also use the forum without any problems in the past. You might be right that it has to do with some domain setting on your server or whatever.

Thanks again and ride on.

Best regards

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