How honest are u about your bodyweight?!?

I think 1-2kg i acceptable to cheat since the weight can go a little up and down. And 1-2kg could easily be fixed in real time over a week. But for me personally I think 3-4kg is to much…I could not be proud and satisfied over my result in races if i cheated that much…

Mine’s updated down to the nearest 100g whenever I step on my scale (which tends to be daily).

(Automatically, via the Fitbit sync.)


It’s a data-point I don’t think about unless I’m actively working on it (gain or lose).

I step on a smart scale every morning at the same time. It auto-syncs my weight “everywhere.” (Zwift, Garmin etc)

Vis-a-vis “cheating” weight in Zwift: I want my Zwift experience to “feel” like my outdoor rides so I try to keep it accurate.

EDIT - Scratch that. Fitbit sync is broken… yet again. :roll_eyes: (had to disconnect the link and reconnect it)

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I tried for a while to use the withings->fitbit->Zwift weight sync, when it worked my weight was accurate every day. The feature broke so many times that I gave up on it. Now I update my weight much less frequently :confused:

I just did a weight update after my december holiday vacation/feasting rampage, and am planning to keep it updated every 0.3kgs until I get back to my normal steady state weight which then won’t really change much more than that week over week.

Mine is accurate, but I’m so slow it doesn’t matter much. I also avoid racing.

I didn’t have to change mine, part of my weight went up but my left leg got much smaller while I was doing nothing (injured). Weight stayed the same but it caused all sorts of other bad problems that are taking a long time to fix.

Is it? Mine seems to be working. I did have to reconnect to Fitbit, mind.

To clarify: it “was broken for me.” I disconnected & reconnected the link and it received a test weigh-in.

Bigger picture though, the connection is so flaky I hate to rely on it. Really wish Withings, Zwift, and Garmin would get the adults together in a room to work this out.


I definitely try to confirm if I’m heading for a race. Otherwise, as you say, a kg or so over the course of a given day, or even over the course of a single ride, is to be expected. I don’t have any fancy auto swag stuff so I don’t check it every day, but I do check regularly.


I prefer to keep it accurate but I don’t check every day

This study survey was posted on the Zwift Riders Facebook group recently

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I have a withings scale and it currently does update (thru fitbit).

I do get on the scale everyday so I would say my weight is very accurate.

But I don’t get to worked up about people not updating their weight, we won’t know a riders real weight in anyway.

When I get a bit annoyed is when you see someone get a UPG in ZP and the next day they gain 2kg

But there is bigger things in life to worry about.


Yeah, I think 1kg here or there isn’t a big issue, if people are managing the weight they put in to keep them just barely under a cat boundary that’s where it sucks.


I can easily sweat out 1-2 kg during a ride (not even a long one), so that sounds fair. If I’m racing, I weigh in and adjust in game beforehand. If not racing, I don’t pay too much attention to it. Especially right after the holidays :sweat:.


I remember doing a very big outdoor ride, started at 60kg and when got home much later in the day I was 56.5kg - the lightest I’ve ever been and the most I lost on a day.

I then ate nearly everything in the fridge after it.

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I check mine once a week but can go weeks (3-4) without any change. I do race every now and then but am bottom Cat C so just enjoying racing rather than having an impact!

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Mine too

Zwift should pull your weight out of the Apple health kit (if it’s being used), which is what Wahoo does. On Apple devices, I think most “smart” scales integrate with the health kit pretty well.

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