How get to Forums when you're logged into Zwift

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #1

If I’m logged on to my Zwift account, how do I navigate to these Forums? I used to go to support or community but those don’t come here. Seems like there should be a Forum link inside the Zwift account.

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Steve! A couple of different ways:


  • We also sent an email to all Zwifters with a link to the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

(Steve Ricketts (C68)) #3

Well, don’t I fee dumb! I swear I looked there and didn’t see it. My bad. I got the email and that’s how I first found the forum. Thanks for the update.

(Karissa Minn) #4

A link from the front page that says “Forums” would, again, be helpful. :slight_smile: There is plenty of room for it…