How does Zwift use my weight when on a smart trainer that transmits watts?

Hi All

Im getting a Tacx Neo Smart trainer next week it transmits power and cadence, I dont understand what parameters Zwift uses to calculate speed resistance etc, my weight is entered correctly how is my weight used to represent my speed/power on screen?

Cheers Darren

Zwift takes the power you generate on the trainer combines it with your weight through an algorythm which together with the terrain currently being simulated determines you in game speed.

thanks Mark, thought so as Im a flyweight 143lbs and would be outpowered and out sped up the hills by heavier more powerful riders if my weight wasnt used :slight_smile:

DD :slight_smile:

Hi Darren,

I also just ordered a neo smart how do I find you on social media or email for any questions if you don’t mind…


Sure im happy to share my experiences. im on Strava under my name and ride most days so use that.

cheers Darren

clue me in there is a number of Darren Dunn on starva…

I’m im the uk and also my picture is me on a bike wearing a white aero cinelli helmet taken in 1989 I might add

got it …Tk

Yep that’s me

here mendelea ma