How does climbing work?

(Brenton Parker) #1

This may be a really stupid question but how does climbing work? I did a ride last night just about five miles to check things out. It occurred to me that while the course was flat I have no idea how climbing would work. I have a smart trainer but it’s manual resistance. Will I have to adjust my gearing and resistance on the honor system according to climbs in game? Or is there some other method of doing the climbs?

(Paul Allen) #2

You don’t have to do anything. If I remember correctly you have a Tacx Satori that broadcast watts, but it does not adjust resistance. You will still slow down going up hills and if you want you can shift and/or manually change resistance, but that is not required. If you want to go faster on flats or during elevation changes you just have to increase your watts/watts per kilogram.

Zwift speed is determined by watts, your weight entered, in game bike, in game drafting and virtual elevation changes.