how do you update zwift on apple tv?

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #1

any ideas on how you update zwift on apple tv 4k?

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #2

Zwift resolved this.


Need to go into app settings on your apple tv and allow apps to auto update

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #3

Zwift resolved this.


Need to go into app settings on your apple tv and allow apps to auto update

(Ian Brewer) #4

I had to manually update mine even to get the new London roads even though auto update is on.

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #5

Same here. I had auto update on (thought it must of been off) but had to update manually too. Seems auto update doesn’t work… Well at least not with zwift anyway (the only reason why I bought an apple tv)

(Colin ABitFit) #6

I’m having similar issues, just bought the Apple TV worked brilliant first ride, now I can’t get it to recognise my KICKR at all let alone update routes. Very frustrating tbh.

(Mantis Toboggan M.D AHDR) #7

Auto app update was turned on for my Atv4k, but I noticed I was pretty much the only ride online despite the side bar telling me there were 6000 online. Also didn’t have the new London roads. I had to delete zwift from the Apple TV and reinstall think the sw level went from 1.0.224 to 1.0.228

Relogged in and suddenly the streets are full again

(Kit Mitchell) #8

Same story here - I have auto updates switched on but am still on version 1.0.22410. Apparently that’s not the most recent version. 

Do I have to uninstall and reinstall to get the update? That’s a bit annoying.

I’m doing that now and, with a sub-3MB download speed, it’s not an ideal situation.

I couldn’t see any means to manually force Apple TV to update the Zwift app. Am I missing something?

(Mantis Toboggan M.D AHDR) #9

For some reason zwift doesn’t show as an app that updates for me, took me a while to find in in storage to delete it before reinstalling it.

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #10

You don’t have to delete and reinstall. If you go to zwift in the app store it gives you the option to update manually. No need to delete.

(Colin ABitFit) #11

To be honest, I got fed up of the Apple TV not recognising my KICKR I returned it, bought a lightning connector to HDMI lead for 8 quid and just use the iPad now mirrored onto the TV, works first time every time. Thanks for the guidance all.

(Kit Mitchell) #12

Thanks for the info everyone. 

Mark - So, if I go into the app store as I did to download Zwift in the first place, it’ll let me run an update? Thanks. That’s very useful to know. 

I couldn’t find it when I looked in the app settings on my Apple TV so knowing I can force a download from the app store is great. Thanks again for that. 

Hopefully that’ll help sort all of us out. 

(Mark Rees Cyclecafe) #13

Have no problems at all with my apple tv 4k recognising my tacx neo. Yes kit Mitchell. When the apple tv icon comes up for to the ‘A’ for apps… Then I scroll to purchased… Then you’ll see zwift. Now its updated it just says ‘open’ but if it’s not the latest version it will say update. Hope that helps

(Kit Mitchell) #14

It’s a huge help. Thanks so much for that Mark.

(Mantis Toboggan M.D AHDR) #15

Thanks @mark Rees Cyclecafe sounds much easier than reinstalling , hopefully as TvOS for zwift gets the bugs ironed out it’ll auto update like the other apps.


(Brendan Keogh) #16

Thanks for the advise.
I had the same trouble. When going to zwift in the app store, there was only an open app option, no manually update option.
Zwift is not in the purchased tab.
I deleted it, installed again and it’s working.
Bought apple TV solely for zwift, works great otherwise.

(Alvin (Pink Gun) Marin) #17

Did you lose any stats you previously had when you deleted and reinstalled Zwift?

(Paul Allen) #18


As long as you use the same email address all your stats will be there.

(Alvin (Pink Gun) Marin) #19

Thanks, That’s what I’ll do then because I’ve tried everything to get my Apple TV to update Zwift and nothing seems to work.

(Brendan Keogh) #20

Yes I can confirm all working perfectly after reinstall.
All history still on my profile.
Update function looks normal now too, so future updates will work normally