How do you ride on the road?

When I join a meetup and start peddling I go sideways off the map and usually up into the sky.

How do I get onto the road and follow the road?

  • everyone else seems to be on the road.

Is it something to do with the feather boost and peddling too fast?

The boost has run but but I can’t seem to find a way to land my bike.


Fig 1.1 - doing random right angles around the map

Please give us more information on your complete setup so we can better assist you.

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I’m gonna go with: Apple TV that hasn’t been updated in months. :wink:


Hi Paul,

This only happens when I join a no drop ride with my friends in Watopia.

Setup- Wahoo KickR v5
I run the app from my PC connected to a TV
I use android phone for companion app.

Current version of game and app.

This also happens to my friends on the no drop ride. They also have Kick R V5 but one runs it from a laptop and one from an apple TV.


My mistake! If it’s only on meetups the Apple TV person might need to update though? Could be knacking it for all participants maybe.