How do we access the TT Bologna Course?

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I’m really wanting to ride the Bologna TT Course, but cannot see how to do that. I must be missing something very obvious here, as nobody else in the history of the internet (or this forum) seems to have the same issue! :woozy_face:

Can some kind soul enlighten a couple of Aussie TT’ers here and tell us how we can access the Bologna Course? Our platforms have yesterday gone through the big update, so I presumed Bologna was added there.

Cheers, Matt.

(😺🐾) #2

Join the event on the upper right corner or from the Companion App? It happens every 30 minutes.

(Bjoern) #3

Is there a way to pre-ride the course before joining the event?

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Awesome FRiC - thanks so much. Yes, I can see all of the events now! I know I was missing some basic understanding with this. Cheers, Matt.

(Umsiausias) #5

Bjoern, events are scheduled each 30 minutes. You can first join for a preride then join at another time and give it all you’ve got :grinning: